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October 16th, 2017

Why your business needs corporate videos

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Have you ever talked to a character while watching a movie? Something like “No no no..don’t go there! There’s danger” or “Yesss…Kick him more..He’s so evil!” We all get carried away during movies because audiovisuals look so believable, as if we are ourselves living that scene. Your organization should also look this believable to your target customers and employees.

Show & Tell

Imagine your friends informing you that, “There’s a snow kingdom in Chennai and it’s really awesome! It has -8 degree temperature, igloos and fun activities like Bobsleigh and mountain climbing!” You may be impressed. But what if they showed you a video instead? See it for yourself:

This video gives you the actual feel of the place. Audio-visuals make you experience the place in a way that no other medium can! There is a difference between just telling and actually showing it. Do you wish your prospective clients or employees understand your company, its values, products or processes really well? If yes, then you need to show them your work, your culture, your process etc. You need to re-define your marketing efforts and include corporate videos to entice your target customers.

Stay in the Minds

You must be burning the midnight oil to get noticed in the market. You certainly don’t want to fade away from the memory of the people you have reached out to. Do you know that 80% of users can recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days? Now, if someone talks to you about theme parks in Chennai, you would mentally recall the snow-park in the above video and may even suggest it. Thus, it always helps to stay in the minds of people in order to make them chose you.

Attract & Hold Attention

A video playing on a screen always attracts attention. Whether it’s an email, website or a display board, people find it more interesting to watch a video than plain reading or listening. So, why not make use of the most effective medium to pass on your business message?


Today, the world in online! You don’t want to miss out the opportunity of being seen by internet users. Websites that contain video content show up higher in google search results. When you send out promotional emails, embedding a video can increase the click through rates by 2-3 times!

If you get your video done by a professional agency they can also help you generate better ideas and devise an effective video marketing strategy. Experienced agencies can produce cost-effective and high-quality videos. If you wish to bring your business into limelight through a corporate video, we at Hatke Films would be happy to partner with you.

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