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June 15th, 2017

What makes some corporate videos so awesome?

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Some videos are so good that they leave you wanting for more, and you can’t help playing them over and over again. Well, there is no magic formula for that. Think about the corporate videos that you loved watching. If we ask you what was so good about them? You would say everything!

We have studied a lot of videos loved by the audience and tried to find out what ingredients go into an impressive video. We have it all sorted for you.

Know what you want. Think about the bigger picture. It would be great if all the departments of you organization can come together to brainstorm about what they want out of the corporate videos. This collaborative approach will bring in the best possible ideas. HR department may provide inputs on how to attract good candidates, L&D may come up with some good ideas for training videos, Finance department may highlight the need to entice the investors while the Sales team may suggest a video sales pitch. After getting an overall idea of the needs, you may want to include some ideas and leave the rest, depending upon your priorities and budget. A clear idea of what your business needs is the first step for creating effective videos.

Have a plan in place. You already know that good planning results in lesser goof ups. Since you know what your want, prepare a schedule and a checklist so that you don’t miss out on anything. Be prepared with the rehearsals, wardrobes, setup, lighting, props etc.

Be specific. Don’t beat around the bush! We have come across a few videos that many people do not understand. Your target audience may like clever or witty videos. Still, refrain from including too many things or twists and turns, that can confuse them. Rather, put the things right in front of them. They should know whether it’s about a great product or a nice office culture or about hi-tech production process! They need to understand your message to be able to appreciate it. Also, try to condense the video so that you can focus on things that are significant.

Think about the viewers. Put yourself in their shoes and think what do they want. An easier way out will be to research about your target audience or talk to them directly. What matters to a particular demographics, age group, income group or gender, may not matter to the other. Get to know what touches their hearts, what makes them laugh, what are their dreams etc. This would lead you to create something that they will love. Videos that are about the viewers or offers benefit to them are always impactful.

Build a connection. Try to be more than just an organization, build relationships through your videos. Many people take decisions based on a brand’s image and the emotional connect. So, be more concerned about the viewers. Convey that you are willing to help them or that you understand them. Motivate them or cheer them up. Tell them how you can make their life better. See how other brands share tips & tricks, “how to” and DIY videos in order to help the viewers (and build a connection).

You can also use videos to give a personality to your brand. Humanize your brand by telling about its birth, journey, challenges and beliefs. People can relate to the CEOs and Founders who share their stories like normal people.

Be interesting. Some videos just throw information at you. Others just tell you some facts about the organization and brag about its achievements. You may not continue watching such a video, thinking that “there is nothing interesting for me”. So, if you want to make an impact, put some extra efforts into your videos. Do you envy some viral videos? Well, they are so interesting that people want to share them with others, as a result, they reach a wider audience. So, add some humour, make the video a bit cinematic, a bit relatable, make the viewers emotional or try something novel to make it worth watching till the end.

Script is the soul. Yes, a good script is an absolute must. The whole video revolves around the scriptwriter.. So, invest in a good script writer. If possible, get two or three versions of the script and choose the best one. Review the script multiple times and make sure it is not too long. If you have a great script half of your job is done!

Music is the key. Appropriate music can add life to your video. It can continue to play in the minds of the viewers even after the video is over. So, get some good music according to the theme of the video. Note that it should complement the video and not overpower it. This does not mean you have to get it composed. There are a lot of good pieces of music available. Make sure to either purchase the rights or use royalty-free music.

Get the best people. The output of your video will be as good as the input. The team you select can make a lot of difference. Get the right people to feature in the video. Also, make sure the voice-over sounds professional (or as you need it). If you have decided to include animation or motion graphics in your video, get professionals who are good at it. Editing plays a pivotal role in the final look of your video. It works like a magic wand. So, let the best magicians handle editing.

Call to action. Guide your viewers into the direction you want them to go. Provide a clear call to action if you need to, like “provide your inputs in the comments section”, “visit our website” etc.

Once your videos are ready, share them on relevant platforms. Attach relevant keywords to them and get someone to manage the SEO. The more visibility your video gets, are the better.

If producing a video by yourself looks like a tedious task for you, hire a professional agency. You should still keep the above mentioned points in mind to make sure the agency is going in the right direction. If you are looking for an experienced agency for creating your corporate videos, contact Hatke Films now!

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