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September 15th, 2017

Should you use stock footage or go for a real one?

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You just finished creating your wonderful corporate video and have high hopes because a lot of hard work went into it. Just when you were expecting to stand out in the crowd, you find out that your competitor has also included the same stock footage that you have used. Ouch! That would really hurt!

Stock footage is film or video footage that can be reused in other films or videos. Nowadays, many websites provide stock footage. You must have come across many videos created using stock footage. It’s may be a good choice when you are short on resources, but otherwise, stock footage may look very generic. They are readily available. So, if you are looking for a unique video, stock footage may not be a great choice. After putting is a lot of efforts on the concept, story, script etc. it is better to shoot your own video that is tailor-made for your target audience.

When it comes to making a video that defines your organization, you want it to be nothing short of the best. Your ultimate goal is to connect with the audience and make them take the desired action. For this, your video needs to be very engaging. An abruptly added stock footage can distract the audience and make them lose interest in your content.

A real footage makes your video look believable. Stock footages are made up and staged, they mostly feature perfect models and flawless surroundings. In case you use a stock video to showcase your office environment, then the employees or customers in the video may look unrealistic if they belong to a different ethnicity. Whereas, a real footage of your own employees with each one of them having a different personality and style, will look more authentic. Similarly, your city or your factory may not look like the available stock footage and your video may end up looking unnatural. This runs the risk of being seen as an untrustworthy organization.

Well, we are no way against stock footage. We just want to warn you against the overuse or improper addition of stock footage because it can harm your reputation. Stock footage can be a wise choice many a times. Imagine you are at the final stage of your video production and the deadline is near, suddenly you realize that you would need some footage that you have not shot yet. You cannot extend the deadline and you cannot shoot another footage at the last moment. Here, it would be an excellent idea to go for a stock footage.

What if you need to add the footage of Hitler’s 55th birthday celebration in your video? The only way out is to use a stock footage. In the same way, it might not be feasible for you to get a footage of some far-off country or that of the marine life underwater. So, you have to resort to stock footage at times. Similarly, if you cannot shell out a lot of money for the shoot, it’s alright to get some inexpensive stock footage.

You can get stock footage from many websites like Vimeo, Shutterstock, iStock Photos, Adobe Stock etc. Some videos may be royalty free, while others may be chargeable. Different websites may have different kinds of licenses, always make sure to understand them clearly before agreeing upon the terms and conditions. Reusing the same footage again and again in the same or different videos is not a good idea.

Using stock footage can be a right decision in many scenarios but always be careful about the ratio of real footage to stock footage. Stock footage has to be carefully chosen and edited so that it does not stick out. It should be merged seamlessly with the lighting, colors, and quality of the rest of the video.
In a nutshell, do not rely on stock footage, rather use it to fill the gaps or to add more flavour to your video. Can’t wait to get an amazing corporate video? Contact Hatke Films now!

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