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December 15th, 2017

Live-Action corporate videos: How are they made?

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Corporate videos can do wonders for your business. We have talked about this in our previous blogs. Whether you are an experienced organization or an enthusiastic start up, corporate videos can be an effective marketing tool for you. You must not miss the opportunity to utilize them.

Have you ever wondered how are live-action corporate videos made? We have created a guide to take you through the process.

Understanding the Requirements

To create an amazing corporate video, we need to know about the client and his/her expectations. So, we begin the pre-production with client inputs. We ask questions like:

  • What is the purpose of the video? Whether it is for training, campus tour or attracting applicants?
  • Who are the target audiences? Are they your employees or prospective customers?
  • Is it aimed at B2B marketing or B2C?
  • What message do you want to convey?
  • Where do you want to display the video? Social media, website, conferences or trade shows?
  • Do you want any particular theme like a funny, emotional or professional video?
  • How do you want to position your brand?

Once we get the information from the client we do research about the target customers, the products, industry etc.


After we have done the groundwork, we share our concept with the client. We may offer more than one options. We also discuss the estimated time and resources required. The client can decide if the concept fits their requirement. We also finalize the team that would be working on the video.


After a go-ahead from the client, we start working on the story and script. We also decide the locations. We work closely with the clients, incorporate their feedbacks and move ahead only when we get an approval.

Scheduling and planning

At this stage, the time and manpower required has to be defined clearly. The time required for setup up, retakes, breaks etc is also taken into consideration. Milestone are set for the entire process

Site Inspection

The site may be a cafeteria, gym, cabin, factory, conference room or inventory. Some videos demonstrate a production process others may show the CEO and other employees talking. The site is visited for evaluating the lighting, background noise, number of workers or employees working etc. The required equipments for sound recording, lighting, camera etc are decided too.


The people who will be at the site or will feature in the video are given instructions. Those who have to talk/act need to rehearse their part. Their wardrobe has to be decided and kept ready. Certificates, trophies that need to be included in the video should be available. Just before the shooting, the equipment needs to be set up. Also, the area needs to be properly lit.


Once the pre-production is done efficiently, production becomes easier. The camera records the actors/employees. There may be some retakes. The footage needs to be immediately moved to secure locations like cloud storage or hard disks for backup.


A professional video production company will never compromise on audio. It has to be clear and audible. It’s great if the camera has a built-in high-quality audio recording feature, else an audio recorder and mic can be used. In case there is a lot of disturbance and background noise at the location, the recording needs to be done separately.

Client Review

Once the production phase is over, the best takes are chosen and put together in a draft. Sometimes, dummy music or audio is also added. The draft video is shared with the client for the feedback.


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