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January 15th, 2018

Is your corporate video strategy build for success?

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If you are reading this, we can surely tell that you are dedicated to build your organization into the best among the lot. So, you must be aware that the practice of using videos as a marketing tool is on a rise. What’s the reason behind the increasing popularity of the videos? Viewers love watching them and so, businesses find them effective.

Take our advice, stay away from creating and posting some of the other videos randomly. Your audiences want consistency, there has to be a flow to keep people hooked. So, create a roadmap and go for a planned approach to reach your video marketing goals.

Start with deciding on what kind of video will you need for the coming year? Analyse your business, identify the bottlenecks, then figure out where can corporate videos help? Videos can help you train your employees, attract more job applicants, get brand recognition, bring more investors, connect you to the end users etc. Align your video strategy with the business goals. You may want to expand your business in a particular region, improve the productivity of your employees or something else. Decide on the kind of videos based on your business requirements.

You cannot just blindly make videos and hope that they will fill the gaps in your business performance. Decide a metrics to measure the effectiveness of your corporate videos. For instance, you may want to increase the website traffic, decrease attrition, etc. You can also set targets for these performance indicators, but make sure they are achievable. Do not set targets like 100% increase in footfalls at the retail chains within a quarter. If you want a close watch on the stats like the increase in brand awareness, a percentage of people who prefer your brand over the competitor’s etc. you may want to hire a research agency.

Once you are done with the internal analysis, decide your target audience. Think about what will they appreciate? A DIY video, a funny video or an informative one? Even if you hire an agency, this analysis will help you to be better equipped to define your requirements. Your agency can research your target audience and come up with better ideas.

Look out for what is going on in the market. What kind of videos is trending? What are your competitors doing? What platforms should you use to reach out to your target audience? There are no fixed criteria, but if you find out that traditional people prefer emails and teenagers like Snapchat and Instagram more, then you may mould your strategy accordingly. Also, your content has to be tailored according to the platform. Youtube can help you get more traffic through Google searches, emails with videos can increase the click-through rate etc. You may want to add a personal touch to your communication and use Facebook Live or Periscope for creating candid videos. You can also include behind the scenes of your videos.

Now is the time to set aside a budget. After all, there is a limit to the amount of expenditure you can afford on videos. This would also help you distribute resources evenly over the coming months. Planning ahead will help you save a lot, you can shoot a few videos together, like those that have similar locations or need similar equipment. Talking about equipments, buying or renting them also needs to be taken into consideration. You may need digital displays to showcase your videos at trade shows. If you decide to go for a professional agency for the videos, your budget and planning will help you take informed decisions.

Your strategy is gradually taking shape now. You must be thinking who all will make this happen for you? Well, it’s time to decide on the skills and talent you need. Build a team and delegate responsibility. You may hire more talent if the need arises. Even if you choose to work with a professional agency, get to know their team and action-plan. If you do not follow a planned approach, things like an employee quitting may disrupt your schedule. A corporate video strategy insulates your marketing goals, from uncertainty.

You know who knows your company best? You, and also your employees and customers! So majority of the content of the videos can be generated internally. You know a lot about the company’s journey, values, ongoing projects and the future plans. Take regular feedback from your employees and customer and highlight the positive feedback in your videos (You may want to work on the negative feedback too).

Well, just because you have outlined a corporate video strategy does not mean you can’t be flexible! You may add or subtract things based on what’s working for you and what’s possible to do. If you have got some new achievements, new content or come across some new trend, you can always tweak the strategy a little bit.

You will definitely feel more clear and confident in defining a corporate video strategy. Do not forget to measure your progress along the way. Some results may take years to be visible to the world but you should always know where you are going.

If you wish to consult a professional agency for your corporate video strategy, we at Hatke Films will be glad to work with you

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