How it works

Research & Planning

We need to first learn about your project, its intended audience and its goals. We then do our own research to learn about your industry, your competitors, and your customers. We come up with a plan to accomplish the goals.


We come up with the concept, script and storyboard. This helps establish the content and flow of the video. We then consider all elements of production, and come up with a production plan to efficiently execute the same.


We hire the required cast, crew and equipment and take the project to production. We provide the creative brief, and production spec. The director, cinematographer and the other production team help realise our vision for us. Film production usually involves traveling to various locations, coordinating with various teams and ensuring production happens smoothly and on time.

Post Production

This is where the magic happens. At this stage, we put together the audio (voiceover/dubbing, sfx, bg score/jingle) and video (film/animation clips) on a timeline and edit it for precision. As per the project, we add color corrections, motion overlays, visual effects and other enhancements to make the video great.

Final Video

A high quality HD Video (optimised for web and mobile) is delivered to the client.

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