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November 15th, 2017

How corporate videos boost your brand image

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People around you form an image of your brand. Brand image is a perception of your brand. This image is a result of a number of factors like what kind of products you sell, what class of society uses them etc. Brand image directly influences the buying decisions of your prospective customers. Consciously or unconsciously people pick up a product based on their perception of the brand. They tend to think about brands as healthy, smart or elite. So, it becomes really important for you to project an image that helps your business.

Let’s see how P&G used a corporate video to remind you about its brand image:

The video shows that P&G products are a part of people’s lives. But this is happening in the background of the video. The brand’s image of being caring enough to make your life better is being emphasized more. It shows how P&G touches your life every day and cares for your sleep, makes you feel confident and look beautiful.

Since there are a lot of similar products and services in the market, a corporate video can help you differentiate your brand from the rest.

Emotional Bonding

You can empathize with your customers through a corporate video. Let them know that you understand them, their dreams and their struggles. You can be a brand that knows how they feel and motivates them.

Dove has always empathized with the women who think they are not perfect. Such videos convey that the brand loves you the way you are and stands by you, no matter what.


You can choose to build trust through your corporate video. It is crucial for some companies to maintain an image of being a trustworthy brand. You may use certifications, achievements, awards, quality checks and testimonials to build your image.

This video informs you that you do not have to “worry” about harmful chemical when you are using Johnson’s Baby products. The video stresses a lot on the fact that the products are “safe“ for your baby. They clearly mention “safety is top of our mind when we create our products”. This is how corporate videos can build credibility for your brand.


Customers want to be associated with brands that are more capable. So why not use a corporate video to show the world that you are an accomplished and powerful company?

Unilever showcased its supply chain competence in this video. It boast about its talented and diverse workforce, huge investments in supply chain, buying at a global level, producing very less waste and using hi-tech methods. The video also contains visuals, statistics and ranking to support the claims. So, it gives you a feel that Unilever is a superior brand.


We tend to recognize brands based on their image, like Nike is for sports and fitness, Dettol is for making your environment germ-free, L’Oreal for beauty etc. You can use a corporate videos to get your brand recognized for a specific purpose.

Note how the voice-over of the video contributes to the brand image. A commanding voice tells you that Volvo is not just about transportation, it’s about global transportation that connects people and places. It makes you think of the brand as the one who makes a difference on a global scale. A brand that fulfils needs, helps societies and builds future. Also, a responsible brand that uses sustainable ways.


You can also build a brand image by sharing a video about your brand’s journey. Your story will tell the viewers about your beliefs, what have you been committed to, how you grew over the year and how you have a promising future.

If you decide to share your story, make sure it sounds interesting. A professional agency can help you write the story in such a way that it comes out as an engaging video.
Your organization’s future depends on how your customers see your brand. So, design your identity in the market with a corporate video. Hatke Films is a professional agency that specializes in corporate videos. For more details get in touch with us.

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