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August 15th, 2017

Are training videos a smart choice for your company?

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How would you prefer to learn your professional skills? As per someone else’s schedule or at your own convenience?

Have you tried learning something in an auditorium full of people, with the instructor standing far away from you on a podium? Sometimes, the instructor may not be even visible or audible! At other times, you may just miss a point because your neighbours are talking.

Now imagine that you can hear and see the instructor clearly on your screen and you can attend the training in a distraction-free and comfortable environment. You may also replay the training if you miss something. Well, that’s the beauty of corporate video training! It has a lot more features than the traditional training methods. Have a look at this video:

Information security training for new employees

Notice that this video has a threefold impact on the viewers. It stimulates the brain through audio, visuals and text. You understand what are they trying to say because you can see things happen, you can also read (clearly) the important points. Such trainings are easier to understand and recall. You must have realised that your employees are a mix of different kinds of learners. Training videos can be designed keeping Visual, Auditory, Read/write and Kinesthetic learners in mind. This way everyone can benefit from the training.

Don’t get us wrong, we are in no way criticizing the traditional methods! In fact, we have all grown up learning the traditional way at schools. Traditional methods add a personal touch. The teacher is physically present to make sure that everyone is on the same page. But it is necessary to see things happen to learn them properly. That is why we had laboratories, outdoor activities and workshops.

If you arrange a trainer for your organization, it may become difficult to find a time when both, the trainer and the employees are available for the session. In many cases, productivity may get hampered during training sessions. Else some employees may not  be able to attend the training due to the critical tasks at hand. It would be a big loss for you and the employees. You may also have to bear the travel expenses of an outstation trainer. If you have to provide the same training to all the batches, it will be a repetitive job for the trainer and recurring cost for you.

Training videos provide a lot of flexibility, they can be used for group sessions or one-on-one training. Doubts and questions can be posted to the instructor at your convenience. Learners can choose which content they want to learn and when. Also, these videos can be translated into various languages. This also provides flexibility to instructors, they can take their time to shoot their sessions in the best possible manner without missing any important point.

Today, your employees are more comfortable with mobile and computer screens than any other learning medium. And they love videos. The best way to impart training would be to do it the way they like. Are you under the impression that training videos are boring for the employees? Well, videos can be made to be engaging, entertaining and informative, all at the same time. Here’s how:

Tesco Corporate Training Video

EY’s Metro Email Service

By now, you must have got our point, training videos are a smart choice! But before you jump into video production, we have some gems of wisdom for you. Select training videos considering the level of understanding of the majority of your employees. Emphasize on the important points, highlight the “Topics to be covered” at the start of the video and summarize with the “Key takeaways” in the end. You do not want your videos to be boring, but do not forget the primary purpose and fill them with unnecessary music, effects or humour.

It’s a good idea to use a modular approach for your training videos, let each video cover a few topics. Bite-sized learning will be easier to grasp and remember. Unclear audio or video can defeat the whole purpose, so ensure a good quality end product. Last but not the least, choose the trainer wisely, his/her way of talking and explaining matters a lot!

You have a lot of options on how you want your videos to be. You may want to hire a professional trainer or an actor, and you can also go for an in-house trainer. Similarly, you can make the video yourself or get it done from an agency. You may use animated videos to explain the most complex concepts in a jiffy or make simple live-action videos with marker & whiteboard. Get full-fledged videos with live-action, clubbed with motion graphics, if you want it that way. These videos can be used standalone or integrated with an interactive training tool. Technology frontrunners are also using Virtual Reality training videos for a whole new, immersive experience.

At Hatke Films, we are proficient in creating all kinds of training videos, reach out to us for more!

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