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July 15th, 2017

Animated vs. Live action corporate videos: Which one is right for you?

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If you have been looking for ways to present your organization in the best light, you must be aware of the long list of benefits that videos offer. They show your website higher up in the search results, attract more attention, aid better recall, increase conversions etc.  Many of our clients say that they need a perfect corporate video but are not sure whether to get an animated video or a live-action one. If you are also wondering which one to chose, we can help you figure that out. There are various factors to consider before taking the final call:


Live-action videos are great for humanizing your brand. These videos are more touching and good at building emotional connections. For instance, if you wish to appeal to the public to support your NGO, a live-action video will be more powerful.

Animated videos would be a good choice when it comes to explaining complex mechanisms. They are great at simplifying processes and demonstrating things that are otherwise not visible or tangible. For instance, demonstrating how the earth revolves around the sun, how the internal organs of the body work or showing activities of microscopic particles, insects etc. Only animated videos offer you a variety of styles like whiteboard animation, stop-motion animation, motion graphics etc. So, you can get a unique-looking or peppy corporate video with 2D/3D animation.



Displaying real product effectively is a live-action video’s forte. How tempting is it to watch the video of a person eating your favourite dish? Hmmm…mouth-watering! Similarly, when you see someone glide his/her hands over a velvety surface, don’t you imagine how it feels? Only live-action videos can do justice to such products. Many corporate videos are meant to provide a glimpse of the company’s culture, environment, facilities etc. Such videos obviously need the actual footage. Also, if you wish to showcase how you train your employees, how your customers look delighted or how your skilled workers produce high-quality products in the factories, a live- action video is what you need.

Companies that belong to the tourism, hospitality, fashion, food or education industry need live-action videos to communicate the feel, atmosphere or natural beauty they are offering. People who are happy, satisfied, assured, enjoying or relaxing need to be captured so that it looks realistic. Similarly, if your main aim is to show how people feel while facing problems, live-action videos would look genuine. On the other hand, animated videos can efficiently explain things like how a software sorts files, how the insides of a machinery move or how an air purifier cleans the air you inhale. Choose animated videos to showcase a product that is still not developed, like a proposed smart city, an upcoming metro project etc.

Making the impossible, possible

What if you have to show a flying dog that reaches the moon, sniffing all the way, in search of his favourite treat? Such things are not possible to shoot but can be easily created through animated videos. Animation can do wonders through videos, show internal organs of a live human body, engine of a moving automobile etc. Live-action videos can only capture what is humanly possible while animated videos can incorporate unlimited creativity. Some unimaginable things may be possible to shoot in live-action but then it would be really expensive, tedious and time-consuming.

Making changes

Once a live-action video has been shot, major changes cannot be implemented easily. It would be a lot of work to re-schedule and reshoot the footage. It would waste a lot of resources and you might have to wait for the actors to give you dates. Some products/service evolve over time. So, if you think your video would require frequent changes, opt for animated videos. As far as the cost and the time consumed are concerned, they depend on your requirements. A simple animation may be less expensive than a live-shoot. Another live-shoot may take lesser time than a complex animation video. So, it varies on case to case basis and cannot be generalized. Both kinds of videos have their own pros and cons. For instance, you don’t have to hire actors for animated videos but you need to build the characters, backgrounds etc. from the scratch for animation. Ultimately it’s upto you to decide what is more important for you.


Based on the factors we just discussed, you may decide which part of your video needs animation and which part needs to be live-action. This way, you can get the best of both worlds. In case you still can’t narrow down to a particular type, Hatke Films can help you with that. We are competent in creating both kinds of videos and can guide you better on what is right for your business and target audience.

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