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April 15th, 2017

9 Mistakes to avoid in your corporate videos

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Corporate videos are becoming increasingly popular, and why not? They are so impactful! They help with SEO, increase website traffic, increase brand awareness, connect you with your customers & employees and a lot more. Every organization must invest in videos and reap the benefits of video marketing!

These videos have to be strategically planned and designed. Just creating some videos will do no good. In fact, it would waste resources and can be counterproductive too. Do not believe us? Look for yourself:

A video production company creating such a corporate video? This video is a total disaster because it does not serve any purpose. Not having a video at all would have been better for them.

Well, it’s not as complex as it may sound. Let us simplify this for you. Just avoid these mistakes and save yourself from an ineffective corporate video:

Not knowing your aim: Unless you are clear about what your video is supposed to do, how will you make it happen? So, figure that out first. Your aim may be brand recognition, employee motivation, training or anything else. Once you are clear about your objectives, it would be easier to design the video. As a result, your viewers will clearly get your message.

Not having a target audience in mind: Not every employee can understand the different industry sectors you are working in, he/she will be just interested to know how you are a good employer. Some customers may not understand the technical details of your production process, they may be looking for a product that looks good, works well or saves money. Kids or teenager may not want to watch serious videos. So, you should know who is the video made for? Only then, you can figure out how to hook them. Always keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your target audience, because you want them to like your video and take some action.

Casting wrong people: We are sure that you want to impress your audience. Bad acting can be such a turnoff for them. So, whoever you cast in your videos should be good at their job. Your videos may feature your employees, customers or actors, but do not choose someone purely on the basis of the cost and convenience. Understand that the people starring in the video are the face of your company, they can make or break your reputation.

Compromising on the quality: You created an exceptional video with some great actors. You had an awesome script and paired it with a wonderful direction. But, the audio was unclear, it had a lot of background noise or the lip sync was missing. All your efforts will go in vain. Who wants to work hard to decipher what are you trying to say? On the other hand, if your video is blurred, flickering or lacks editing, it just cannot engage the audience. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot, just stay away from below average work.

Not minding the length of the video: People have an average attention span of 8 sec! The digital world is full of distractions. If you want to put your message across, do it quickly. If you drag the video, your audience will leave midway. If you are creating training videos, do not stuff the whole topic in one video. It is advisable to divide it into subtopics and create bite-sized videos. Coming to other kinds of videos, the shorter they are the better. Review your script and chop off the unnecessary part. Even if you have a lot to tell, 3-4 minutes should the maximum length. There may b a few exceptions depending upon what the video is about, still try to make it as short and interesting as possible.

Being deceitful: Promoting yourself is one thing and faking an image is another, many times people fail to differentiate between the two. Promising something you cannot deliver or making false claims is a big no-no. Your audience will find it out, and will not forgive you. Employee relations, customer loyalty and retention, they all are built on the foundation of trust. Always show your brand in the best light, talk about your good work and bright future but never fool them.

Copying videos: We ourselves recommend you to refer to some nicely done corporate videos, this would guide you on how to do it right! But copying someone else’s video is a sure-shot way to tarnish your brand image. To stand out as an organization, create something of your own. You can always take inspiration from videos that work.

Not designing for platforms: Your video reached the intended audience, they were really interested in your video but either they could not play it or found in unrelated to the platform. This would be the last thing you would want. A video you posted on Facebook may not be right for Linkedin. So, design your videos for the platforms that your target audience prefer. This won’t be too much work, a little bit changes would do it. For instance, make it adaptable for mobile viewing.

Forgetting to emphasize on your brand name: Never forget to mention your brand name, display your logo or show the packaging of your products. Do not overdo this or it may irritate the viewers. Some emphasis is essential to get into the minds of the viewers.

There is no hard and fast rule for making corporate videos, you can have your own unique way. But it is always a good idea to learn from other’s mistakes. Consider the kind of video you are making and decide which of the above point are relevant to your video. If you are looking for a professional agency for creating your corporate videos, Hatke Films is here for you!

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