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May 15th, 2017

5 Ways your business can leverage corporate videos

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Corporate videos have an array of benefits. We had explained why it is a good idea to invest in corporate videos, through our blog Why Your Business Needs Corporate Videos. You have a lot of options to use corporate videos. Let’s explore some of them and figure out what suits you best.


Nowadays, people prefer to see reviews before trying out anything new. Getting to know that others are delighted with a product/service builds a lot of confidence in the prospects. A happy customer’s experience shared as a video is even more impactful. Customer videos look a lot more authentic and relatable than those done by professional actors. You can include testimonials videos in your emails, sales pitches, website etc. to build trust and attract more customers.


Organizing training and workshop is not an easy task, you need to hire trainers, devise a plan, schedule the sessions etc. Sometimes, the same knowledge needs to be imparted to each new batch, adding to the recurring costs. Also, getting renowned trainers costs a bomb! After all the pain, what if the trainer leaves the course midway or few employees could not attend a session? Cut unnecessary hassle and get a training video! It can be played as and when required. Employees can refer back to the video if they want. Visual learning is known to be the most effective form of learning. So, it’s wiser to use training videos to develop the skills and enhance the productivity of your employees. You can also use videos to educate the employees on corporate etiquettes, safety procedures, etc.


Whether it’s a new hire induction, campus tour, or a company introduction for job applicants, you can always streamline a repetitive process through corporate videos. Introduction videos can be played in waiting areas, at the start of meetings or included on the landing page. You can boast about your projects, provide a glimpse of the workplace environment, list the various industry sector you work in, show your state of the art facilities etc. It saves a lot of time and facilitates narration along with the visuals. If your company has crossed a milestone (No. of year, no. of customers, no. of countries etc) you may create a video describing your successful journey. Viewers can’t help falling in love with a company that has a good story to tell.


You need to stay connected with your employees in order to keep their morale high. You can include stories of achievers from your company in motivational videos. This would also provide recognition to the deserving employees. Your video can also cover the past achievements and future vision of the organization. It may feature the CEO talking directly to the employees, appreciating them and treating them as a family. Such videos are instrumental in forming a bond between the employees and the employer. A motivated employee feels proud of his/her organization and is much more productive.

Promotion & Branding

It is indispensable to showcase your values and capabilities to the world, so as to grow your business. Many brands successfully project their personalities through corporate videos. They may project themselves as a fun-loving, smart or sincere brand depending on the business they are into. Customers can easily associate with you if you humanize your brand through a corporate video.

Use promotional videos to show off your factory, technological know-how, quality standards, qualification of employees, achievements etc. You can very efficiently demonstrate your products and services through corporate videos. Let the prospects see how your product/service can make their lives better. These videos can be put on your website, can be played in trade shows, shared on social media etc.

You can also create corporate videos for conferences or seminars to upload them on the internet for those who missed the event. Such videos would be informative for the audience and also highlight your efforts to expand knowledge in the industry. Your CSR initiatives can also be brought into light through corporate videos. Making a difference in the society is always appreciated.

Making others admire and understand your organization is the holy grail of corporate videos. As a result, they help you get more customers and attract good talent. If you wish to pull prospects towards you with some magnetic corporate videos, reach out to Hatke Films.

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