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March 14th, 2017

5 Must Watch Corporate Videos!

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Are you under the impression that corporate videos are long and boring? Do you think that they can’t be as good as your favourite video? Well, read on and see how we change your perspective on that!

Not a single day goes by that you don’t watch videos. Videos have become a buzzword in the marketing world. Every brand is trying to grab the attention and make a mark through videos.

Sometimes, a video may not interest you just because it was designed for some particular set of people, and you simply don’t fall into that category. A well-made corporate video always entices its target audience. But there are some exceptional videos that are loved by the whole world.

Before creating your own corporate video, why not check-out how some companies came up with brilliant corporate videos? Have a look:

At Twitter, The Future is You!

Bad editing, Bad acting, Bad fonts, Bad special effects…Wait a minute! This video was made to be so bad that it’s good!! They must have taken a lot of pains to create this hilarious video. It sounds so much fun that it actually makes you want to join Twitter! While making you laugh, the video also provides a lot of information about working at Twitter like you get to work on projects that affect hundreds of millions of users, there are a variety of job profiles and a lot of additional benefits. The best part is when an employee says, ”I wish I didn’t already work here so I could apply for a job”.

Apple corporate video

If you watched this video for the first time, you must be amazed! Things look so different from different angles! They have different meanings for people who are looking from different viewpoints. What a brilliant way to explain perspectives! Everything in the video is cleverly aligned with Apple’s slogan “Think Different”. Above all, the video is engaging, it makes you wait for what is about to unfold. We are sure you feel motivated after watching this video.

HubSpot: About Us

It’s a perfect corporate branding video. It tells you an engaging story of two people who started with an idea and reached over 20,000 customers in more than 90 countries. The video seamlessly combines the journey, vision, challenges, culture, statistics and ranking. It has a professional feel and still provides a personal touch. This video has it all.

HSBC – Lift

Don’t you agree that this video says so much, without saying a single word? We all have goals and we keep walking one step at a time towards them, for years. So we tend to empathize with the protagonist’s emotions during the ups and downs of his business. The film is a part of the campaign “It’s Never Just Business”. That is why it connects you to a person and his journey, from starting his company to building it as an MNC. You can see the person getting older and the fashion changing over time. Annnd…his entire journey is shot in a lift! Brilliant idea! isn’t it?

Fujifilm Europe – Corporate Movie

The reason we want you to see this video is that it does three things at the same time; tells a story, informs you about the 7 business domains of Fujifilm Europe and also explains how the company touches our lives everyday. You may have not realized this before that this company has all these products and services that have become a part of your life. The woman and her family add a personal touch to the video. It is very engaging and tells so much in just 3.5 mins!


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